Monday, 22 November 2010

Japanese fashions and sewing people ....

On Saturday I met up with a couple of other London bloggers to take a look at the Future Beauty exhibition of Japanese fashion at the Barbican Centre. Karin from Making the Seam and The Fabulous Dr. E were my wonderful companions and I had such fun time. (I am sure that you are familiar with their blogs but, if not, do head over and take a look at the beautiful things they’ve been making).

The clothes in the exhibition were quite awe-inspiring and the technical skill and inventiveness of the designers was extraordinary.

Although many of the garments were a little impractical

If you get a chance to see the exhibition, do go, I highly recommend it.

It was so nice to meet some fellow Sewists and spend an entertaining and enjoyable afternoon talking about sewing. It got me thinking about how much I love people who sew. I have never met a Sewist that I didn’t like. I am wondering …. is it that sewing attracts nice people or is it that sewing turns everyone into a nice person? What do you think?

So, what am I sewing now? Well, much as I admired and felt inspired by the Japanese fashions, I am going for something a little less outré and more vintage than futuristic - a, hopefully, pretty looking dress for Christmas. This is the pattern, Vogue 8667

I am making the bodice without the collar and the pleated skirt and I’ve got some lovely fabric to work with. It’s progressing well – I’m loving this pattern. So, more soon ……


  1. I nearly bought this pattern last week! Will be interested to see how it pans out for you. I love that collar.

  2. It was great to meet you in person! You are every bit as lovely and kind in person as on the web.

    I've had my eye on this pattern too. It nods towards being retro, without looking costume-y. It looks like you could dress it up or down as well. I'm interested to know what you think of it when you are finished.

  3. Hello Eugenia - I love your blog.

    This pattern has caught my eye, too. I can't wait to see your finished dress.

  4. Eugenia, I just made a double knit version and am working on a no collar, straight skirt version - but I can't wait to see yours - your sewing is so inspirational!

  5. That sound like so much fun, I am envious when sewing bloggers meet in person!
    and that pattern caught my eye recently, can't wait to see the finished dress.

  6. I've got this pattern as well - I really like its clean and elegant lines. I am already looking forward to see your sewn up version of it!

  7. That will certainly be an elegant dress. Can't wait to see the fabric that you've chosen.

  8. How fun! I haven't yet had the pleasure of having a sewing buddy date, but I'm quite envious of those of you who have had them.

  9. I love this question: is it that sewing attracts nice people or is it that sewing turns everyone into a nice person?
    Sewing turns everyone in to a nice person, I believe! It's definitely my outlet and I'm much happier when I've had some stitching time.

  10. FIT had a Japanese fashion exhibit on when I was in NYC a couple weeks ago--so inspiring!

  11. I think the stitching makes the person happy, happy person is more polite, well .... the person who sews is more "good person." You sew much, much indeed!
    I can not wait to see that dress, I was intrigued by the fabric and the skirt is worship


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