Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Being a London girl I felt that I really couldn't go another week without mentioning that great bastion of British style - Liberty of London

Strolling past last week I felt an irresistible urge to enter and was pretty glad I did because they had a sale on and this was my opportunity to indulge myself with a piece of their Liberty print Tana Lawn fabric. It's lovely stuff, it really is, but it's not cheap! Their regular price is £19.95 per metre (approx. US$ 33.00) - that's a lot for some cotton isn't it? So I was pretty pleased to get a discount. There's a lot to choose from - if you'd like to take a look at their range, here is the link to Liberty's Fabric Department.

After some indecision I went for this one, called Valerie's Garden

Liberty prints have always been popular but, as I'm sure you're aware, in the last couple of years they've been achieving iconic fashion status . Both Gap and Nike have included Liberty prints in their ranges and several designers have used them in their recent collections, including Marc Jacobs -

Now, I'm a big admirer of Mr Jacobs but unfortunately, at my age, I don't think the above dress would be quite right for me! So what am I going to do with my prize piece of fabric? I thought I would go down the more traditional route and make a classic shirt. I did make a shirt last year but, to be honest it was fairly hideous and didn't fit me right so I'm still searching for my TNT classic shirt pattern and I need to be sure the muslin is pretty perfect before I cut into my Liberty print. I'm thinking that I might try this pattern, no. 105, from last month's Burda Magazine
I'm looking for something not too fitted but not baggy and I like the yoke, the shape of the collar and the curved hem of this style. I'm hoping this might be the one!

So, what do you think about Liberty print fabric - do you love it or hate it? Is it too much 'old-fashioned English country garden' or do you see the iconic style possibilities? Can you get it where you live and, if so, is it expensive? I'd love to know ........


  1. I love Liberty print fabric! I just bought some on sale here in the states for about $20 a yard. :) I was thinking about a shirt, too, but I'm loving that Marc Jacobs dress. I dont think I could pull it off, but it's a great inspiration piece!

  2. The fabric is beautiful. I love the dress; but at my age, I can't wear it either. It is great for inspiration, maybe a longer version.

  3. Liberty reminds me of my childhood and my children's childhood-though that was more Laura Ashley-I do think they are cousins to some degree!!!! I cant wear it ,but I would consider it as a lining! I also just looked at your chocolate simplicity dress-recent attention given by allie in hong kong's review- and your is lovely also!!!!

  4. I'd have to say that Liberty print is very pretty but probably not for me. Memories of Holly Hobby!

  5. I love Liberty fabric! So nice to see pictures of the shop. I was there close to 15 years ago and I still have all the fabric I bought! I can't bear to cut into it! Your fabric is very pretty and I think it will make a lovely semi-tailored blouse.

  6. I love the look of Liberty fabric. The prints are so distinct. But I love prints, so I'm biased. I think a button-up in Liberty fabric will be fabulous.

    DH and I will be over in the spring for an extended visit, with a few days in London, and I was going to reader request a list of London fabric stores! But is all fabric $$$ in London?

  7. Thank you Eugenia!

  8. I just found your blog, and will enjoy reading your previous posts. Love Liberty fabric, but it is hard to come by in the States.

  9. Just to reassure A Sewn Wardrobe, and other readers, NO not all fabric is that expensive in London, you can buy fabric at a whole range of prices from discount to designer, from $ to $$$.

  10. Wow...the outside of liberty of london is so impressive looking with that black and white tudor style architecture...

    That blue and white print will make a lovely shirt...good luck!



  11. I just read your blog post on this topic, Eugenia - I am now official obsessed with Liberty fabric. . .


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