Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow means sewing!

A lot of snow has fallen on us here in the United Kingdom, so, naturally, everything in London has ground to a halt. Nobody’s going anywhere unless they have to so, happy me, I’m actually getting some sewing done. Let me show you my pattern pick

It's Simplicity 2798. To be truthful, it came out of my pattern drawer as a kind of lucky dip – I was looking for another one and this one got pulled out. I had forgotten all about it and was going to put it to one side when I took another look and thought …… why not? There are a lot of things I like about it – not least that it is one of those ones that has separate pieces for B, C and D cup sizes (I’ve had some good experiences with those). This will be the first dress I have made that has princess seams so I thought it would be good not to have to do an fba. I also like the shift style, and the yoke and pockets add some interest.

The fabric I’ve chosen is the dark grey wool crepe that I bought during my recent trip to New York. Now, here I have to tell you that I am feeling at least a little justified in having built up a large stash of different fabrics. The weather may have prevented me getting to fabric stores, or deliveries arriving at my door, but I still have plenty of fabrics to choose from!

I’m making the sleeveless version and, as it’s a Project Runway pattern, there are quite a lot of ‘designer additions’ you can choose from. I’m going to use the neck placket with three buttons and the side tabs, also with buttons and I’m going to add some topstitching. I’m aiming for a kind of neat, tailored look. At least, that’s the plan.

When I first looked at the picture on the envelope I thought, “oh it’s a shift dress by one of the Big 4 Companies, it will probably be HUGE”. However, when I got my tape measure to check the pattern pieces for the size I usually pick it didn’t seem to have excessive ease – in fact I added a little extra from the bust downwards just for insurance.

So, my muslin is, finally, in good shape - I hope my pattern lucky dip turns out to be a good choice!


  1. It is snowing in Chicago too. Love slow days. A sleeveless grey wool dress sounds great. And I love the dipping concept. I have such a stash of unused patterns...I might have to use your method!

  2. Snowing in Michigan, which is not unusual! You had a lucky dip with that pattern. Make a beautiful dress now!

  3. Snow for me means no school for the kids, and therefore no sewing! My husband even decided to work from home, though the tube is running. I am so jealous of everyone else.

    Your planned dress sounds elegant. I can't wait to see it.

  4. And this is why stash is a good thing!

  5. We are snowed in in Chicago. I'm making this dress for my DD. It's part of a career wardrobe I started working in August. I'm making the purple version. Looking forward to seeing your version.

  6. I bet London is beautiful in the snow!

    As a beginner, I've actually found princess seams to be very easy. I think they are more enjoyable to sew than darts. I'm curious to hear what you think of them!

  7. I think you will like the outcome of this dress. You were wise to add a little more ease to bust as I made dress and it is close fitting. But I love my dress and the many options for consideration. Look forward to seeing your dress.

  8. I've seen some photos of all the snow that you are getting. I work for a university that has a London campus, and my colleagues have been keeping me posted, even though I am here in the (less snowy) midwestern US. Stay safe in the snow and cold, and have fun with your sewing!


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