Monday, 14 November 2011

Butterick 5602 - the shapely shift!

As my last two makes were useful wardrobe basics I gave myself permission to indulge myself with another dress – I just love to make dresses! Since finishing my Chanel inspired dress (blogged about here) I have been eager to make another version of the pattern. Here’s what I came up with

Butterick 5602 shift dress

This is the pattern

Butterick 5602 pattern envelope

Last time I made the one with sleeves, this time I made the version pictured on the right (but without the bow at the neck – it’s not that I don’t like bows, I do, but I just didn’t want a bow on this).

The fabric is a wool challis, called ‘Stingray Frieze’ purchased from Vogue Fabrics. I love the print and it has a beautiful (in the words of Vogue Fabrics) “featherweight weave” and “alluring drape” - it certainly is lovely and light to wear. I used a plain black wool challis for the neck and hem bands and I lined it with my favourite bemberg rayon lining.

There’s not a lot else to say about this pattern – it’s a simple shift dress, nicely shaped and fairly fast and easy to make. So, moving on, I’m going to reveal what I’m working on right now, which is this skirt from the October issue of Burda Style.

Burda Style October 2011 #119

Despite liking lots of patterns in Burda Style magazine I haven’t actually made one for a while. I think that what has been putting me off is that since they have been printing twice as many patterns on each of their pattern sheets it is a REAL PAIN to trace them. (Hello, people who run Burda Style – did you hear that?) But I bit the bullet and got on with it. However, I do have a tip to make it a little easier. Before you lay the tracing paper on the pattern sheets, take a brightly coloured highlighter pen and go over the lines for each of the pattern pieces in the size that you want to trace.
The pattern pieces I want are highlighted in yellow

If you do this, it is much easier to identify through the tracing paper the lines that you should be following. It’s still a pain, but not quite so bad! Now the worst bit is over, the skirt is coming along nicely. So, more about that soon …


  1. Lovely dress in a beautiful print! I don't blame you for making dresses, Eugenia. You always look fabulous in them! I'm looking forward to seeing the skirt, though. I had let me burda subscription lapse, but there were so many pretties in the October issue that I picked that one up. Now I have to face the tracing! I'm going to try that highlighter trick. Thanks!!

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  2. Totally fab! You cannot sew anything less that TreeChic !

  3. Neat idea about the highlighter. I just traced a Burda pattern last night. I think I might even be able to 'understand' the maddness of all those pattern lines on the Burda pttern sheets - or maybe I am just going cross eyed and I just 'think' I understand it. Either way - Burda always presents a challenge.

  4. Another lovely, lovely dress! Simple is always good, especially if you can get it sewn up quickly.
    The Burda skirt looks interesting. Can't wait to see the results!

  5. I just traced out a Burda pattern today. I contemplated darkening the lines with a pencil or black magic marker but decided against it because I did not want to obscure other patterns in case I wanted to trace this off too at a later date. Your highlighter pen is the perfect solution! Thanks for another good tip.

    Your dress looks great, a simple design to show off that gorgeous fabric! The first thing I thought when your picture came up is how flattering blacks and greys look on blonds. The purple is just the right amount of colour. I bet you get a lot of wear out of this dress.

    Looking forward to seeing your new skirt:-)

  6. It's a lovely new dress and I can't wait for the skirt.

  7. Cute dress!

    Oh, I'm about to trace off two Burda magazine patterns and I seem to keep putting it off! Such a maze of lines!

  8. Your dress looks fab ! I love this pattern so much and absolutely adored your Chanel version. The burda skirt from the October issue is one of my faves. As a relative sewing newbie I am too scared to trace off the pattern, but I think your high light tip may give me the push I need to make a start. CANT WAIT to see yours made up xx

  9. Another winner!! Love this version and the print ou have used s gorgeous.
    Looking forqrd to seeing our skirt when it is doe.

  10. Ooooh, I like the highlighter suggestion. I haven't made anything from my burda magazines since they reduced the amount of paper for the patterns.

  11. Black and purple look so nice together. What a fabulous dress. I too use highlighter pen to mark before I trace. I haven't traced a new Burda pattern lately either. I still hate to add the seam allowance. I like the shape of the skirt you are working on. Can't wait to see it!

  12. Very pretty dress. I cannot imagine trying to get a pattern off the burda style. Mine would end up looking like modern art.

  13. It IS hard to find those pattern pieces, isn't it? I just traced one the other day.
    I love your simple shift! It has such a great shape to it.

  14. Couldn't agree more about the pain of tracing Burda - takes a certain mood. Your dress is absolutely lovely. The fabric is great. I can see it with a black sweater under when the weather cools down.

  15. A totally lovely dress!! It looks quite different from the Chanel style one you made previously using this pattern, so clever of you to get such a different style!
    I agree about the Burdastyle patterns. I've made a few but I admit to a big sigh of relief when I decide to use one of my envelope patterns, having it already there and ready to go is such a bonus! Can't wait to see your new skirt...

  16. Another beautiful dress - it's a gerat pattern and you've put it together so well.

    I've let my Burda subscription lapse - I really like their patterns but I just wasn't making enough items. I think tracing the crazy lines was a big part of the problem!

  17. Great dress, it looks fab on you. Thanks for the Burda magazine advice, I've got a few projects from recent mags lined up but the thought of battling with all those lines has put me off, great tip!

  18. Another great dress Eugenia, the colours compliment each other beautifully.

  19. Your dresses always turn out so nice. I like this dress. I like the fabric and the contrast trim.

  20. another beautiful dress - love how you have obtained 2 totally different looks.

  21. If tracing Burda patterns are really a pain .... but a very productive pain. lol. Your dress is beautiful! It is reminiscent of the 60s ... adorable!

  22. Love your new version of the BUTTERICK pattern #5602. You look really great! May we post it on our Facebook page, along with a link to your blog. Please email me at Thanks.


  23. Beautiful dress! I loved that Burda skirt as well. Great tip about the highlighting. My last two traces were difficult to see. I had to keep lifting the paper to make sure I was in the right spot.

  24. Awesome dress, Eugenia. And who ever said we need to put a limit on the number of dresses in our wardrobes? That is such a good classic shift, that I think you should make a bunch more!
    And as far as the Burda pattern goes? I don't even know how you do it....that tracing is pure craziness~!

  25. Oooh, I wish I could get my hands on that kind of fabric easily here in Australia. Guess a bit of online shopping is needed! I love the colours on you. Looking forward to seeing the skirt.

  26. What a happy, energetic print for this dress!

    How is your Burda skirt coming along? It really jumped out at me as well.

  27. This is a really cute dress Eugenia! I was just looking at that pattern and trying to decide if I wanted to purchase after seeing yours, I'll need one in my wardrobe too! Great job!

  28. Hi Eugenia - I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I love your choice of patterns and fabrics and your insights. Thanks to you I have now made 2 of the DKNY dresses with the roll collar ( one in grey and one in teal)and I absolutely love them. I check your blog daily to see if there are any updates ( hint hint!).
    Best wishes,

  29. Eugenia , I just wanted to say Happy New year . Thanks for your support - it has been really appreciated. I hope you are well. Janine.

  30. Eugenia, You've not been heard from since the riots in London. I hope you and your family are all ok.

  31. Hi Eugenia. How is the burda skirt going ? I am dying to see it and am considering it for my next new project - got the fabric and everything :-) I cant wait to see yours and hear how it was to make. To be honest I am still too frightened to trace the pattern ! I hope you had a very happy Christmas and New Year ! K xx

  32. Another beautiful dress, Eugenia! Just wanted to wish you all the best for 2012. I hope you are well as you haven't posted for a while but perhaps you are just having a little break from sewing.

  33. Hi Eugenia, hope you are okay, you have not posted for a while, so naturally just wondering if all is well. Take care.

  34. I simply love dresses too and yours turned out super. I like the skirt pattern you are working on. I've seen so many things that are cute from budra and was wondering your thought on if it's worth the money?


  35. Hi Eugenia...Happy New Year from New York State. I miss your posts, and trust you are well and will be back to us soon. Take Care.

  36. I have never left a comment before ; however I do enjoy reading your blog and do miss it. I hope all is well with you and you will be back soon. Perhaps you have decided not to write anymore? I do hope not.

  37. Yes - please let us know that you are well - even if you have decided to take a
    rest from your blog. We are missing you !


  38. Hope you're okay Eugenia? I've followed your great blog for a few years now & am really worried that you've not posted for a while :C Let us know you're okay! Sally x

    1. I totally echo what Sally is saying (hopefully without being too intrusive!) I am worried too !! Hope all is well, and that you are having far too fabulous a time to write blog posts. But - it would be great to know that you are OK :-)) Kirsty xx

  39. I'm another longtime lurking fan of your blog, wanting to say I hope you are OK and that we'll hear from you soon. You are missed!

  40. This dress looks beautiful on you Eugenia. I have a hard time deling with tracing Burdastyle patterns and have forgotten to add seam allowances occasionally.

  41. Hi there. Just wanted to say we miss you, and hope all is ok. Come back with your fab inspration soon,

  42. It is strange how we can worry about someone we do not know? i have alway read Eugenias blog and enjoyed seeing the great clothes she makes. Has anyone out there heard from Eugenia? It would be great to know that she is well and just having a break from the blogsphere.

  43. I hope that you are just taking a break from blogging. I enjoy reading your blog. You have an great ability to choose patterns and fabrics that you wear well.

  44. Hope you are keeping well.

  45. I know you've gotten a million "where are you" emails by now. Hope you are doing well, sure do miss seeing you around!

  46. Hey Lady!!! Miss ya? Hope you're doing well and we'll see you soon. No rush. Take care!!!

  47. Hope you are doing well! You are in my thoughts. I just bought a Singer 201 from England that I wish to make into a treadle. . . .and a little bit of England in my home made me think of you!

  48. I hope you come back wearing something PURPLE!!!

  49. Hi Eugenia--I am a long time lurker, too, but am posting today to say that I hope you are well and that you come back soon!!! Take care!!!

  50. E, where are you??? :(


  51. I know by now hundreds have contacted you. I've thought about you so often. I miss seeing your beautiful work! Hope all is well!!!

  52. A quick comment to let anyone concerned know I have exchanged emails with Eugenia this week and she is OK.

  53. How I've missed Eugenia. Thank you EJVC for the reassuring update.

  54. How we all long to hear Eugenia is ok, hopefully she will return to her blog some day. Julia

  55. Also thanking you for the update ejvc. Meanwhile Eugenia - best wishes from one of your many "fans " - we are missing you and hope to see you back here in the future.


  56. I'm also so glad to hear through ejvc that Eugenia is ok. Thanks

  57. So glad to hear that you're ok, Eugenia. We miss you and hope you'll be back soon XXX

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  73. Eugenia, are you okay? I've thought about you so often over the past year or so. Please let us know that you are okay so we don't worry about you.

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