Tuesday, 28 July 2009


After a long, long break (pursuing a career, studying for a university degree as a mature student, getting married .........) I've taken up sewing again! Our home is now cluttered with patterns, magazines, equipment and an ever-expanding fabric stash! Over the last few months I have been diligently updating and expanding my sewing skills. BUT some good things (as well as some not so good!) have now taken their place in my wardrobe. Here are some of my favourite things that I have made ..........

This is my winter coat and it's just great to have a coat that actually fits me. It took quite a long time to get the muslin to fit before I cut into the lovely deep red boiled wool fabric but once I started the construction, it really wasn't too difficult. This is made from Simplicity 2812.


This is what my husband calls my 'flowery A-line dress'. This dress has turned out to be a real wardrobe hero for summer parties - I've worn it a LOT. It's very forgiving if I want to eat (and I do want to eat), it's got a nice, respectable neckline and hemline but is quite eyecatching and the colours co-ordinate with lots of things. The pattern for this one is Simplicity 2725.
Ok, so this one isn't quite so respectable - I have to watch that neckline - but every girl has to have a wrap dress. This one is made from Vogue 8379 and it's a real winner of a pattern.
So that's a little look into my wardrobe. If you want to read more about these creations, and others, look at my reviews on Pattern Review by clicking on more ....... in the highlighted panel in the right-hand column.

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